The Leader Living this Month’s Routine: Know how you’re going to be active tomorrow

Even before I joined Weight Watchers in 2003, I was moving a fair amount. Since getting to my goal, I’ve been an enthusiastic cyclist, dog walker, DVD-doer, fitness class participant, and runner. Planning activity, however, was not something I was used to doing, ever… until this past fall.

While in an improv comedy show, I was injured when a castmate fell, hard, onto my back. My massage therapist ( said it looked like I was suffering from full-back whiplash. Anything that involved my back was excruciating for more than a month, so my regular exercise (cycling, running, kickboxing) was impossible for me. Without my favorite go-to activities, my movement instincts began, like my muscles, to atrophy. On top of that, I lost my ActiveLink—my fave fitness toy—and I couldn’t replace it at the time. Less strenuous activity didn’t feel like it was worth it, and I missed my endorphin-rush routine. I also had a hard time adjusting my food intake. I knew I was gaining a bit of weight, and that added to my frustration.

About a month into the injury, I was on the verge of tears when I tried on “that” pair of jeans, and then I had an “aha” moment. With a few tweaks, I could remain active—despite my injury—and control my weight. I couldn’t get another ActiveLink until November, when we’d have them available in our territory, so I got a pedometer. I couldn’t run, but I could walk. I knew every day that I would make it several times around the large office, and I even planned days that I could trudge up and down the parking garage. It wasn’t speeding down a hill on two wheels, but I worked up a good sweat nevertheless. Knowing I was going to add more movement at work made me feel in control about my food as well, and it made a tough time a lot more manageable.

How does having a plan help you? Talk about it below.


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