The Leader Living this Month’s Routine: Pre-Tracking PointsPlus Values Part 1

When I started Weight Watchers ten years ago, I was completely unfamiliar with the idea of managing my food intake. If I saw something that looked tasty, I usually ate it. Becoming aware of the effect food had on my size, in a way that was more concrete than “Ice cream can make you bigger,” was weird, but also exciting. It seemed like a game. It wasn’t long before I realized that my old way of deciding what to eat and when was not going to serve me well in the future. No problem! I was pretty creative with finding food substitutes that would fit right into my daily Points allocation (this was way before PointsPlus). As I lost weight and my Points allocation shrunk as well, however, I discovered that I was going to have to get even more strategic about my eating. Why? Well, because I wanted my cold, creamy dessert, of course! There were days, after I reached a specific goal, and my Points decreased again, that I found I needed to make more changes in order to fit in the treat I wanted. I started mourning those “missing” Points until I started really thinking ahead. I HAD the Points…I just needed to reserve them. I started just taking those out of my day, at the beginning, and I stressed out a whole lot less. Also, I started getting creative with the choices I made for the rest of the day so I would stay satisfied. I learned how to make the most of my allocation for the whole day, adjusted to eating more healthy foods, and found a whole new layer of living the plan. So, just making the space for the choices I wanted helped transform my experience and helped me build the habits I rely on today for maintenance.

How does having a plan help you? Talk about it below.


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