The Leader Living this Month’s Routine: Pre-tracking PointsPlus Values, Part 2

My sipping solution

I may have told you that a big part of why I found some of the weight that I lost the first time I got to Lifetime with Weight Watchers was my discovery of the world of fine wines, microbrews, and craft cocktails. My loving partner and I went to tastings together, where we discussed the complexities in a mouthful of Mouvedre. He and I regularly shared a bottle of decent-but-not-astounding wine on weekday evenings, and we enjoyed nice 2- or 3-pint outings to the pub on the weekends. We swooned over the talents of our local mixologists. In the back of my head, I knew how those beverages could affect my weight, but I figured I was running, cycling, and eating right, like I did when I was losing. I was drinking water and never drank sugary sodas. What harm could a little drinking do, even if I “forgot” to track it?

But, after five years, even with a healthy diet and regular, vigorous exercise, even my most forgiving pants shrank. I knew what the extra little thing was in my life, and when I went back to Weight Watchers and started tracking, I knew where I needed to adjust to get back to Lifetime. I despaired, thinking I’d change my relationship with my partner. Also, the idea of saying goodbye to deliciousness was very sad to me. Then I remembered that I didn’t have to say goodbye—to anything. I made little tweaks that still allowed me to indulge in a way I found satisfying. Half a bottle nightly turned into one savored 5-ounce glass of wine a couple times a week: If I was going to indulge, it was going to be worth my PPV investment, so my choices are now truly delicious and memorable! I discovered half-pints at the pub. And I could plan ahead for the truly indulgent cocktails, or decide to enjoy something equally crafted but with less PPV punch. I feel better, I weigh less than I did when I was first Lifetime, and my partner and I share a lot more than just pub dates.

How have you adjusted your lapping of lattes? Your soda sipping? Your smoothie slurping? Talk about it below!


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