The Leader Living this Month’s Routine: Pre-Tracking PointsPlus Values, Part 3

There’s no place like home

I am always sure to have the things I love close to me. The dogs get beds everywhere in the house that I spend time, and everywhere I look there is art and music that makes me happy. I have a large collection of exercise DVDs and equipment for rainy days and the super-hot summer months when going out for a ride or run isn’t feasible, and there’s plenty of room just to move when I want. Last week’s meeting topic got me thinking about something else that’s been helping me on my way.

One of my favorite things has always been ice cream. I’ve loved the cold, sweet, creamy sensation all my life. I remember sneaking bites from the freezer when I was very young, the amazing ice cream parlor Wentworth’s in Hamden, CT, just miles from where I went to high school, buying pints of gourmet ice cream in San Francisco, and cups piled high with frozen custard in New Jersey. I’d always have it at home, and making special trips to my favorite ice cream places was a favorite hobby of mine. I still love, love, love frozen treats, but I know getting a gelato whenever I’m at the grocery store or even stopping for delicious frozen yogurt regularly will expand my bottom line. So when I’m in the store or car and having the conversation with myself in which I try to justify getting just a little something, I can always remind myself of what I have at home: lots of frozen fruit, almond milk, and smoothie mix. I can put fruit in a bowl, pour over ½ cup of almond milk, and sprinkle on ¼ packet of smoothie in the time it’d take me to get a cup or scoop of the other stuff, and I love the way my home-made concoction tastes. I also love tracking it: 1 PPV versus what likely would end up being 3 or 4 PPV for the other stuff. It makes me excited to go home, and I feel great being able to give the temptations a pass. And, yes, I have some of the frozen goodness at home… in the outside freezer, which is in a locked section of the carport.

How are you managing your space so you look forward to getting there and making great choices? Talk about it in the comments below!


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