What Is an Activity Monitor?

I’ve been hearing questions about what an activity monitor is, and whether this month’s routine is just an excuse to sell stuff. I get that, I really do. We’re talking about the ActiveLink and the pedometer that we have available in meetings, and there are big, full-color pictures of those items in our Weeklies.

Yes, those are available, and, yes, they’re great tools specifically designed for our members. But anything you use that measures your all-day activity is a fantastic choice. There are digital monitors and pedometers that you may buy and may already have that are perfect for our routine.
Additionally, there are numerous free apps for your mobile device, including pedometers and GPS trackers that will be dandy. Honestly, if you just set a timer whenever you start moving, that will work, too! One advantage our versions of these tools DO have is that they translate activity directly into activity PointsPlus values earned, so it’s a little less work for you.

The point, though, is not to contribute to the free market economy. The point of this month’s motion-based routine is to become mindful of (1) how much you actually are moving, even when you’re not “exercising” and (2) discover — and take — more opportunities to move more throughout the day, every day. Because every step truly does count.  Don’t take my word for it. Just ask that little electronic friend that’s counting for you!


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