Leader’s Thoughts: Wear an Activity Monitor All Day, Every Day

So, you’re wearing your activity monitor, you’re doing more than you ever thought you could, you’re tracking like a champ, and yet the number on the Evil Box is not moving as much as you think it should. Oh, baby, have I ever been there, done that! And, you know, you and I are not the only ones.

Yes, this is the same person. At the same weight. Can you see a difference? Do you think the number is the only indicator of her progress? I didn’t think so. You see, one great reason to increase your awareness of your activity is because, even if the number doesn’t move, you know you’ve been moving. And, generally, when you move, the way your body looks undergoes some adjustments, too. For instance, your muscles get toned and defined and you become trimmer, more streamlined. Your clothes fit differently.

Sure, we definitely use our weight as a measure of our progress. But there are so many more ways to see results than just numbers on a scale. How do you feel? What can you do now physically that you couldn’t do a month ago? How do your clothes fit? How is your health and body chemistry changing (think blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and so on)? A friend recently shared a blog post that addresses this issue from a fitness professional’s standpoint.

There’s so much we cannot measure in three numbers and a decimal point. When you build activity into your daily routine — and build awareness of that activity — you give yourself so many more ways to see yourself developing, changing, and becoming the person you want to be.

What do you think? How can you give yourself more ways to measure your own success? Please share your ideas in the comments section!


One thought on “Leader’s Thoughts: Wear an Activity Monitor All Day, Every Day

  1. how did you get toned? I’m trying hard to do that,but I’m not seeing much progress in toning.As I aged
    things look the same and feel the same….I call it my angel wings forever.

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