When comfort food doesn’t comfort: A double whammy

What to do when comfort food.... doesn't? From Sunwarrior.com

What to do when comfort food…. doesn’t? From Sunwarrior.com

I was reading the National Public Radio food and nutrition site, The Salt, and came across this interesting bit of information: When we’re feeling strong emotions, we may lose our ability to sense/experience the fat in food. To me, that says we’re even more likely, when participating in emotional eating, to keep eating. Why? Well, if you’re eating for the creamy mouthfeel of fat (butter, cream, etc.), and you don’t get that payoff, you’re going to keep right on going until you get your reward. Right? And there’s the bottom of the container, and the bad feelings made worse. Talk about insult to injury! Continue reading


A season for everything

Last week, we talked about powering up our meals with Power Foods, which, of course, include fruits and veggies.

Austin's bounty in June, a sample of the offerings from Johnson's Backyard Organic Garden

Austin’s bounty in June, a sample of the offerings from Johnson’s Backyard Organic Garden

One of the great things about summer is the wide availability of delicious, hyper-fresh, direct-from-the-farm produce. The tangy-sweet of peaches, pleasant bite of jewel-colored radishes, warm meatiness of tomatoes (perhaps with the spicy-green of basil), and snappy freshness of green beans punctuate summers’ adventures in Austin. Continue reading