On the Web: 12 Ways to Lose Weight for Good (These May Be Familiar)

I’m always looking for good stuff about healthy living on the web. Some things are, well, lame. You know they don’t work, but people keep touting a mesmerizing panoply of get-skinny-quick schemes that may require an investment in materials, days of sub-par mental and physical function, and have an astounding boomerang effect: The weight you lose comes back just as quickly, and then some.

Some good advice from the blog Defying Lupus

Some good advice from the blog Defying Lupus

But, some days, I find articles unrelated to Weight Watchers that recommend adopting a lifestyle much like one a Weight Watchers member might live. The other day, I ran across just such an article, in which author Riva Greenberg highlights just 12 things we can do to develop a sustainable way of living to support a healthy life—for life.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. (Yup, that’s a WW routine!)
  2. Stop counting calories and eat foods that nourish your body. (Power foods, anyone? And you know the PointsPlus system uses nutrients, not calories, to help determine the value of foods.)
  3. Always have some fruits and veggies washed and cut in your fridge. (Again, Power Foods, Good Health Guidelines, low to no PointsPlus values, grab-and-go eating!)
  4. Replace diet soda with unsweetened beverages. (This is not a WW priority, but we do say water is generally the best choice for hydration.)
  5. Use the “Plate Method” to make a healthy meal. (This technique mirrors the Good Health Guidelines, which mirrors the FDA nutrition guidelines.)
  6. Cut down on carbs. (The article mentions refined sugars and simple carbs, especially recommending [Power Foods] unsweetened, nonfat Greek yogurt and high-fiber whole grains.)
  7. Shrink your lunch and dinner plates. (The smaller, fuller-looking plate method)
  8. Enjoy less healthy foods now and then, in small portions, unless there’s a medical reason not to do so. (Manageable indulgences help us not feel deprived!)
  9. When eating out ask your server to double the green veggies in place of the potato or rice. (A popular restaurant space-management technique. Zero PPV rather than many: A win!)
  10. Keep tempting foods out of the house. (Nuff said!)
  11. Enlist family members and friends to eat healthier with you. (It’s easier with a buddy/support system.
  12. Talk positively to yourself and quiet your inner critic. (YES! We go even further by committing to making little victories for ourselves every day, so we have some ammo against that inner meanie.)

Check out the whole post on A Sweet Life to see more details. And share in the comments what you think about the way Riva put these ideas.


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