Social Group for Weight Watchers and Friends

I’m truly pleased to invite you to participate in a Meetup group one of my members, Jessica, is forming. Cards, Chow, and Cathy (Comics) will be meeting Saturday, November 9, at Café Express on North Lamar near 34th Street. Please see the Meetup site for more details as

Photo from Great @ Training

Photo from Great @ Training

well as to RSVP.

I’m excited about opportunities to build our network of friends supporting friends on this

journey. Jessica is truly sweet and enthusiastic about bringing people together.

Do you have questions for Jessica? Post them in the comments section below, and she’ll answer them!


My Tool for Success: Simply Filling

This week in meetings we’re talking about the tools that Lifetime members use for ongoing success. Mine is the Simply Filling technique. I love being able to eat the amount I need of delicious, whole foods without worrying about counting PointsPlus Values (PPVs).

Photo from WAKEDR

Photo from WAKEDR

Simply Filling is an alternative to the tracking we do in Weight Watchers. When I follow Simply Filling, I eat to my satisfaction (not until I’m stuffed to the gills!) from the Weight Watchers Power Foods. There are many things about Simply Filling that I love. It encourages me to make the best choices possible. I have to think hard about whether I want to indulge in non-Power Food choices, and I make those choices count! Continue reading

Use Your Full Circle of Support and Lose More!

Remember learning about what the 360 in Weight Watchers 360 means? Hint: 360 degrees make up a circle. We have a circle of support with Weight Watchers, one that includes eTools, the mobile app, meetings, an 800 number, and social media. There’s8XWW a reason we have all these tools available to you, and a recent study shows that people who take full advantage of all these tools lose far more weight—an average of eight times more weight!—than those who try to go it alone. Additionally, people in the study who attended meetings at least 50 percent of the time, accessed eTools, and used the mobile app lost an average of 19 pounds during the 6-month study, compared with an average of 9 pounds for those who only used one of the three tools and an average of just over a pound for people trying to lose weight using just printed information.

Continue reading