My Tool for Success: Simply Filling

This week in meetings we’re talking about the tools that Lifetime members use for ongoing success. Mine is the Simply Filling technique. I love being able to eat the amount I need of delicious, whole foods without worrying about counting PointsPlus Values (PPVs).

Photo from WAKEDR

Photo from WAKEDR

Simply Filling is an alternative to the tracking we do in Weight Watchers. When I follow Simply Filling, I eat to my satisfaction (not until I’m stuffed to the gills!) from the Weight Watchers Power Foods. There are many things about Simply Filling that I love. It encourages me to make the best choices possible. I have to think hard about whether I want to indulge in non-Power Food choices, and I make those choices count! I know I’m fueling my active body in the best way possible. I feel great about myself when I choose the healthiest foods, and my body feels great when I eat them. I know I’m not overdoing it with salt, sugar, and fat, and I stay away from trigger foods.

Committing to Simply Filling has helped me be even more creative in the kitchen, experimenting with color, texture, scent, and flavor that come from plants from the ground, not processing plants. It’s gotten me to the farmers markets, which gets me moving more and feeling great about discovering local farmers and hearing how they work and what foods are truly local and seasonal.

I also love that I can switch back to tracking on days when I know I’m going to be eating mostly foods that aren’t necessarily full-on Power Foods… like when I’m going out for sushi at a place that doesn’t have brown rice, or when it’s time to have tacos from my favorite vendor for lunch.

As you explore different tools for your lifetime, perhaps you’ll give Simply Filling a try. Have you already tried it? What did you think? Are you hesitant to take the plunge, even for a day?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!


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