Use Your Full Circle of Support and Lose More!

Remember learning about what the 360 in Weight Watchers 360 means? Hint: 360 degrees make up a circle. We have a circle of support with Weight Watchers, one that includes eTools, the mobile app, meetings, an 800 number, and social media. There’s8XWW a reason we have all these tools available to you, and a recent study shows that people who take full advantage of all these tools lose far more weight—an average of eight times more weight!—than those who try to go it alone. Additionally, people in the study who attended meetings at least 50 percent of the time, accessed eTools, and used the mobile app lost an average of 19 pounds during the 6-month study, compared with an average of 9 pounds for those who only used one of the three tools and an average of just over a pound for people trying to lose weight using just printed information.

Additionally, all the Weight Watchers members lost an average of 5% of their starting weight, compared with non-members, who only lost less than one percent of their starting weight in the same time period.

What does this mean?

Well… dear members, if you want to lose more, listen to the numbers in the study. And those numbers are nudging you to come to meetings! When we say we miss you, we mean it! We love to have you stay for our meetings, your fellow members love it, and your body loves it, too!

What motivates you to come to meetings almost every week? What could get you into more meetings? Let me know in the comments below, and if there’s anything I can do to make your meetings better for you, please let me know in the comments or drop me a line!


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