No to Go: My Continuing Journey Back from Injury

The author on the eve of a metric century ride in support of breast cancer organizations

The author on the eve of a metric century ride in support of breast cancer organizations

This past June 30, I experienced a life-changing split second. In the blink of an eye, I was transformed from a distance cyclist in training, enjoying a downhill coast, to an invalid, facedown on the pavement, looking at my misshapen wrist and asking passersby to call 911 and my partner, Roy. A driver turned left into me (the driver is liable for damages), and I went flying. Though the impact gave me a concussion, chipped my left knee, ripped my left meniscus and knee cartilage, bruised my left shin bone, and broke my right wrist, I was lucid enough to ask the paramedics to make sure my ActiveLink made it into the ambulance with me. I suspected I was not going to be using it for a while, but I hoped I’d be back before too long. Continue reading


Leader’s Thoughts: Wear an Activity Monitor All Day, Every Day

So, you’re wearing your activity monitor, you’re doing more than you ever thought you could, you’re tracking like a champ, and yet the number on the Evil Box is not moving as much as you think it should. Oh, baby, have I ever been there, done that! And, you know, you and I are not the only ones.

Yes, this is the same person. At the same weight. Can you see a difference? Do you think the number is the only indicator of her progress? I didn’t think so. Continue reading

What Is an Activity Monitor?

I’ve been hearing questions about what an activity monitor is, and whether this month’s routine is just an excuse to sell stuff. I get that, I really do. We’re talking about the ActiveLink and the pedometer that we have available in meetings, and there are big, full-color pictures of those items in our Weeklies.

Yes, those are available, and, yes, they’re great tools specifically designed for our members. But anything you use that measures your all-day activity is a fantastic choice. There are digital monitors and pedometers that you may buy and may already have that are perfect for our routine.
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The Leader Living This Month’s Routine: Always Wear an Activity Monitor

The idea of someone or something watching, always watching, can be ominous, creepy, or threatening. If you’re an 80s music fan, you’re familiar with Rockwell’s song “Somebody’s Watching Me” and the classic from The Police, “Every Breath You Take.” Surveillance videos, GPS tracking, cookies on Web pages all smack of infringement into privacy reminiscent of Orwell‘s worlds and other dystopias.

“Okay, so an activity monitor, not so much like those things. But why use yet another gadget. I mean, really? I work out. I am pretty active. I bike to work, even.”

That was me, for more than three decades of my life. I didn’t see the point of fancy sports toys. I wasn’t an athlete, but I moved and even sweated. So why bother with anything to measure it?

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