On the Web: 12 Ways to Lose Weight for Good (These May Be Familiar)

I’m always looking for good stuff about healthy living on the web. Some things are, well, lame. You know they don’t work, but people keep touting a mesmerizing panoply of get-skinny-quick schemes that may require an investment in materials, days of sub-par mental and physical function, and have an astounding boomerang effect: The weight you lose comes back just as quickly, and then some.

Some good advice from the blog Defying Lupus

Some good advice from the blog Defying Lupus

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Wrap it Up! A Quick, Healthy Supper

I cannot spare the time to tell you how busy my life gets. I don’t think I have to, given the sporadic nature of blog updates this season. Sure, I have a decent excuse (two months of recovery from my cycling accident), but, in the interest of making the most of the little time I do have, it’s best when I discover or create dishes that are extremely quick and extremely tasty. I’m not talking picking up the phone and calling for a pizza, mind you, but I do have a recipe here that takes probably less time than waiting for that pizza, plus it’s FAR better for you! Continue reading

Summer’s bounty: Ratatouille

Squash, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, onions, basil. These delicious things come together in a fantastic medley of summertime joy called ratatouille. Typically a provincial French dish, it’s simple. Peasant food. Abundant and inexpensive and extremely versatile.


Photo from Bon Appetit

Make a batch and enjoy it on its own (or with some crusty bread or whole wheat pasta). Then save the rest and stir it into your eggs in the morning, add it to a pizza, reheat it, whatever you want! I’ve even enjoyed it cold, combined with cottage cheese! The flavors only get lovelier as they combine over the week. Continue reading

When comfort food doesn’t comfort: A double whammy

What to do when comfort food.... doesn't? From Sunwarrior.com

What to do when comfort food…. doesn’t? From Sunwarrior.com

I was reading the National Public Radio food and nutrition site, The Salt, and came across this interesting bit of information: When we’re feeling strong emotions, we may lose our ability to sense/experience the fat in food. To me, that says we’re even more likely, when participating in emotional eating, to keep eating. Why? Well, if you’re eating for the creamy mouthfeel of fat (butter, cream, etc.), and you don’t get that payoff, you’re going to keep right on going until you get your reward. Right? And there’s the bottom of the container, and the bad feelings made worse. Talk about insult to injury! Continue reading

A season for everything

Last week, we talked about powering up our meals with Power Foods, which, of course, include fruits and veggies.

Austin's bounty in June, a sample of the offerings from Johnson's Backyard Organic Garden

Austin’s bounty in June, a sample of the offerings from Johnson’s Backyard Organic Garden

One of the great things about summer is the wide availability of delicious, hyper-fresh, direct-from-the-farm produce. The tangy-sweet of peaches, pleasant bite of jewel-colored radishes, warm meatiness of tomatoes (perhaps with the spicy-green of basil), and snappy freshness of green beans punctuate summers’ adventures in Austin. Continue reading

What’s Up in the World: Seasonal Produce

You likely know that seasonal produce is often the least expensive produce. Additionally, eating seasonal local produce ensures you have the freshest selections, because they don’t have to travel thousands of miles from the farm to your table. So when you’re deciding how to fuel your Live Life Active goals, consider your options at the store and neighborhood farmers’ market.

You may also want to consider earning some activity PointsPlus Values (PPVs) by picking your own produce. Enjoy a day in the lovely springtime weather with family or friends at an area farm. Take your dinner right out of the ground and even have some for a picnic while you’re out!

No time for a road trip? Just read up on what’s in season while you’re pondering your meals for the week so you’re sure to get the maximum freshness and value from your shopping trip. Oh, and if you’re walking, biking, roller skating, skipping, sauntering, sidestepping, dancing, or jogging to the store or farmers’ market, be sure to pick up an extra piece of April’s bounty to keep some spring in your step all the way home!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy the freshest produce? Share your thoughts below!

McDonald’s food healthy? Point, counterpoint

Last week, McDonald’s nutritionist Cindy Goody spoke with The Salt Lake Tribune about changes to her company’s menu. She pointed out the addition of oatmeal, downsizing Happy Meal fries and adding apples to the popular kids’ meals. She also mentioned the 8 grams of whole grains in their chicken sandwiches. Nutritionist Andy Bellatti begs to differ with Ms. Goody’s claims. He counters her claims with what she didn’t include about the ingredients in the “healthy” items, including trans-fats, the 32 grams of sugar in the oatmeal, inferior ingredients… and those 8 grams of whole grains? You’d get the same in a bite or two of that sugary oatmeal.

What do you think? Share your reactions in the comments below!