My Tool for Success: Simply Filling

This week in meetings we’re talking about the tools that Lifetime members use for ongoing success. Mine is the Simply Filling technique. I love being able to eat the amount I need of delicious, whole foods without worrying about counting PointsPlus Values (PPVs).

Photo from WAKEDR

Photo from WAKEDR

Simply Filling is an alternative to the tracking we do in Weight Watchers. When I follow Simply Filling, I eat to my satisfaction (not until I’m stuffed to the gills!) from the Weight Watchers Power Foods. There are many things about Simply Filling that I love. It encourages me to make the best choices possible. I have to think hard about whether I want to indulge in non-Power Food choices, and I make those choices count! Continue reading


Use Your Full Circle of Support and Lose More!

Remember learning about what the 360 in Weight Watchers 360 means? Hint: 360 degrees make up a circle. We have a circle of support with Weight Watchers, one that includes eTools, the mobile app, meetings, an 800 number, and social media. There’s8XWW a reason we have all these tools available to you, and a recent study shows that people who take full advantage of all these tools lose far more weight—an average of eight times more weight!—than those who try to go it alone. Additionally, people in the study who attended meetings at least 50 percent of the time, accessed eTools, and used the mobile app lost an average of 19 pounds during the 6-month study, compared with an average of 9 pounds for those who only used one of the three tools and an average of just over a pound for people trying to lose weight using just printed information.

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On the Web: 12 Ways to Lose Weight for Good (These May Be Familiar)

I’m always looking for good stuff about healthy living on the web. Some things are, well, lame. You know they don’t work, but people keep touting a mesmerizing panoply of get-skinny-quick schemes that may require an investment in materials, days of sub-par mental and physical function, and have an astounding boomerang effect: The weight you lose comes back just as quickly, and then some.

Some good advice from the blog Defying Lupus

Some good advice from the blog Defying Lupus

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Special Announcement: Opera Bites!


As many of you know, aside from leading Weight Watchers meetings, I’m also an opera singer. I’ve been asked to keep people abreast of my performances, so I wanted to let you know that, if you have no hard and fast supper plans on the evening of Monday, April 29, you may want to grab at bite at Central Market’s North Lamar location and enjoy the Texas Community Music Festival. From 5:30 to 9 p.m., you can enjoy serenades from Candace Bellamy (5:30-6:30), the Austin Mandolin Orchestra (6:45-7:45), and One Ounce Opera (8:00-9:00). I’ll be singing several chorus pieces, the Vengeance Duet from Mozart’s Don Giovanni, and two songs by Roussel for soprano and flute.

If you come out, please say hello afterward!

Interested about finding out more about performances? Please let me know in the comments!

Fun Stuff: WEST Austin Studio Tour

by Roy Moore/Control Images

“Love Explosion” by Roy Moore/Control Images

Hello, all! I wanted to give a little promotion to a citywide event taking place: the WEST Austin Studio Tour. You may be familiar with EAST, the East Austin Studio Tour, which takes place over two weekends in November. Last year, Big Medium, the organization responsible for the hugely successful EAST event, started a springtime counterpart for the artists who happen to live on the west side of I-35. In its second year, the tour takes place over two weekends, as well, April 27 and 28, as well as May 5 and 6.

I am beyond proud to share that my partner, Roy, is an exhibitor! I’d love for you to stop by #22 on the tour and take a look at his photography. I also want to let you know that, possibly unsurprisingly, the treats we have for visitors are extremely PPV friendly. One advantage to having a WW leader as a supporter…

Food for thought: Get some activity PPVs in as you take in the local talent: bike around the neighborhood looking at the open studios. It’s a tradition for hundreds of art lovers! You can also drive, park in the middle of a section of studios, and walk.

Have you been to EAST or WEST before? What did you think? Leave a comment!

The Leader Living this Month’s Routine: Know how you’re going to be active tomorrow

Even before I joined Weight Watchers in 2003, I was moving a fair amount. Since getting to my goal, I’ve been an enthusiastic cyclist, dog walker, DVD-doer, fitness class participant, and runner. Planning activity, however, was not something I was used to doing, ever… until this past fall.

While in an improv comedy show, I was injured when a castmate fell, hard, onto my back. My massage therapist ( said it looked like I was suffering from full-back whiplash. Anything that involved my back was excruciating for more than a month, so my regular exercise (cycling, running, kickboxing) was impossible for me. Without my favorite go-to activities, my movement instincts began, like my muscles, to atrophy. On top of that, I lost my ActiveLink—my fave fitness toy—and I couldn’t replace it at the time. Less strenuous activity didn’t feel like it was worth it, and I missed my endorphin-rush routine. I also had a hard time adjusting my food intake. I knew I was gaining a bit of weight, and that added to my frustration.
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